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Hi! We’re Thync Creative (pronounced “think” 💡) and we are your new best friends when it comes to all things digital and print. We’re a local creative agency, with core values looking to make an honest living by helping businesses grow. Oh and not to boast, but we’re pretty good at what we do.

  • Friendly & professional

    From before you start a project with us, right the way through till after it’s signed off, we aim to provide the best quality customer care. We hope to ensure our clients are always happy with our products, services and support.

  • Skilled & resourceful

    In the digital industry, things change quickly, we are always striving to keep up to date with the latest trends and technology meaning you’ll get the very best out of us and what we can provide.

  • Committed & trustworthy

    Entrusting anyone with a resource as valuable as your website is a major decision. With a portfolio full of satisfied clients and a strong work ethic, we are the right choice to help your business grow in the digital world.

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About me

Hi! I’m Mike Bloomfield, owner of Thync Creative. Like most millennials, I’m pretty good with a computer, love social media but I absolutely hate avocados 🥑! I have a first-class degree in Internet Computing from The University of Essex and love to code.

Est. 2016

In 2016 I decided it was time for me to quit my day job as a web developer for another digital agency and set out into the world to pursue my goal of having my very own agency. I became a freelancer and set up the Thync Creative brand.

Humble beginnings

After a year of working from home and seeing the business grow, it was time to look for a public-facing space to take Thync to the next step. In 2017 I opened up my very first office. But this was no usual 4 walled magnolia office oh no! It was a Shepherd’s Hut located in Bright’s Path, Maldon – it wasn’t big but it was enough to make an impact.


The businesses kept growing and as it offered more services including some in-house printing, it was clear that this office has been outgrown. So in 2019, I moved next door to a permanent residence and what’s now the current office where I continue to grow the business and make beautiful things.